Lost something? Found!

Lost property offices

There are (in Switzerland) some thousand places which administer finds: Lost property offices of municipalities, cantons, transport services, associations, occasions, keyfinder sites, animal homes.

For somebody who has lost something this indicates to have to ask at almost arbitrarily many places whether the object has (already) been found, and this perhaps several times.

Central finding register

This internet site offers the possibility to register findings (at no charge). Supposed, every finding would be registered here, could be questioned any time and as often as desired whether a lost object has been found. Repeated interrogation of several places would be superfluous.

In Switzerland animals had to be announced (in addition) to Schweizerische Tiermeldezentrale (www.stmz.ch).

The object has been found

You discover your lost object in the list of the findings. Then you inform (by means of email) the finding register and receive the contact data of the finder with whom you can get in contact.


The confidentiality is guaranteed because personal data is announced only to the affected persons. Possibly somebody who has lost something, wants the object back as quickly as possible, but, however, wouldn't tell this everybody with name and address.


The data bank has been started running in the course of January, 2010.