Register a find!

Registrate yourself

Enter in the field 'Registration user name' any name. It can be an imagination name. In the fields 'Password' you enter (as a precaution) twice the same password. If the name is already booked by another user, it is rejected.
You need to announce yourself only if you want to put down a new finding or loss or want to change one of your entries. The list of the findings and losses can be also looked without registration.


Menu 'Register your find'

Click with the mouse on the menu 'Register your find'.


Button "Sample data"

If you click with the mouse on the button "Sample data", data are filled in the screen. You can extinguish them with the button "Delete fields" (partially).


Description of a find

Select from the choice lists 'Category' and 'Subcategory' the suitable entries. If your object is absent, leave the fields empty and describe it in the following fields.

Finding description (visible)

Describe the find very exactly, but not completely. This description is visible in all lists.

Finding description (invisibly)

This description is not visible in the generally visible lists. The finder can make sure that the object belongs to that which asks for it. If the questioner names wrong some qualities of the lost object, he possibly is not the owner.

Place of finding, date, time

Enter at least country, date and time. These data serve the assortment in lists and give a clue to the questioner whether a found object can belong to him.
The date is checked and an error message is shown, if not valid.

Data of the finder

The data of the finder are not published. If an inquirer signs up to the finding register, he receives those finder's data which are switched on in the button on the right by an input field (in the example the sms number). At least one input field and the accompanying button must be filled, so like in the picture the email address or a telephone number.

Announcement to loser

This text is sent by the finding register to an inquirer, which asks for a finding. It could be an announcement at which time of day the finder is accessible or a holiday's absence, so that the inquirer does not wait in vain.


If all necessary data are entered, press on 'store'. The data are checked and missing data are asked. If necessary in the box below to the left comments are shown. Complete the data and press once more 'store', until the finding is announced as 'stored'.

Change or extinguish your find

To change your entry, you must call the list about the menu point "Show list". Your own entries contain in the last column of the table 'O'. Click with the mouse on it and you come back to the input screen in which you can change all data or extinguish the entry.


Print out the given data

If you liked to have a document for your entry, use please the print function of your browser.
You will reach this normally about the menu points 'File' and 'Printing'.